What features does Mobile Guard offer?

  • Mobile Guard provides users with 2 main functionalities:
  • Safezone protects both your mobile phone and your child’s mobile phone from potential threats including phishing links and maleficent sources on the Internet.
  • Parental Control helps you keep tracks of your child’s activities and set policies as well as restrictions for his device.
How to protect my mobile phone?

  • On Safezone’s screen, tap the slide button below the app logo.
  • Once Safezone function is activated (slide button turns blue), your phone is well protected.
How to start tracking my child’s activity?

  • Let’s get started with connecting yours and your child’s device.
  • Step No.1: On Mobile Control screen > Add Device.
  • Step No.2: Install Mobile Guard For Kid app on your child’s device.
  • Step No.3: Install Mobile Guard For Kid app on your child’s device.
  • Step No.4: On Mobile Guard app’s screen, select device which is already added by Mobile Guard For Kid.
  • Step No.5: Use Mobile Guard For Kid app to scan QR code displayed on Mobile Guard app.
  • Step No.6: On Mobile Guard For Kid app's screen, turn on Safezone function. Once being activated, your child's device is well protected.
How to set time restrictions and rules in my child’s device?

  • On screen containing your child’s device information, select Settings icon.
  • You can set daily time limit and restricted time.
  • Besides, you can allow or block your child from accessing specific apps and websites.